HNWItaly Consulting is a totally independent multi-service family office specialized in providing qualified professional expertise to individuals and their families moving to Italy.
We are proud of our experienced and well-qualified team who offer Italian legal, tax, accounting, and business services solutions.

Our focus is on ensuring that our advice to you is tailored to your exact needs and takes full account of all of the significant factors in your aims and ambitions.

We offer independent guidance without conflict of interest, with the sole purpose of upholding and implementing our clients’ personal and financial goals in Italy.

We work together with our clients’ existing advisors.
We do not believe clients are best served by working with large institutions which are overwhelmingly concerned with meeting internal compliance.

Reputation & Privacy

For HNWItaly Consulting, managing families’ needs of compliance is not just a matter of investment strategy, it is also about preserving a family’s reputation, as well as protecting confidentiality and privacy. We can guide you on the most effective ways to maintain your privacy, in order to ensure the safety of you and your family.

By understanding our families and their overall objectives, we aim to develop a long term strategy for them that balances their current needs with their ambitions for the future.

Our fee

HNWItaly Consulting fees are agreed with clients on a case by case basis to reflect the nature and complexity of each individual requirements.

To maintain our independence from any institution – we have no fee sharing agreements of any type with anyone.
We never accept any form of commission or retrocession and have no “soft dollar” arrangements.