HNWItaly Consulting is a multi-service family office

The excellent way to relocate to Italy and benefit from Italian tax advantages.

We’re here to make every aspect of your move more convenient — from applying for your visa, to opening an Italian bank account. Our team covers all the basics, to ensure your stay in Italy will be a unique experience.

We’re based in London and Milan, offering full assistance for families and individuals who wish to move to Italy.

Res non dom

Italy has rolled out a welcome to wealthy individuals and families from abroad by establishing a new tax status: the Resident Non-Domiciled Tax Regime.

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Flat tax for retirees

Italy aims to attract pensioners and compete with countries like Portugal which has drawn about 100,000 new residents whose spending power has added 1.2% to the country’s GDP amounting to $3.5 Billion per annum

Tax and legal

Our comprehensive approach to wealth management aims to defining objectives, risk parameters and asset allocation. With our commitment to transparency, proven expertise, and market-leading standards, you know that you are in safe hands

Customized relocation

HNWItaly is specialized in high-end services to foster social and cultural integration in order to go above and beyond our prestigious clients’ expectations

About us

HNWItaly Consulting is a totally independent multi-service family office specialized in providing qualified professional expertise to individuals and their families moving to Italy.

We are proud of our experienced and well-qualified team who offer Italian legal, tax, accounting, and business services solutions.

Our focus is on ensuring that our advice to you is tailored to your exact needs and takes full account of all of the significant factors in your aims and ambitions.

We offer independent guidance without conflict of interest, with the sole purpose of upholding and implementing our clients’ personal and financial goals in Italy.
We work together with our clients’ existing advisors.